SoCal to NorCal

We have now travelled from Southern California to Northern California In San Diego we visited Balboa Park and got to see a variety houses from different countries. The kids enjoyed walking around. We also got to see a giant organ being played. Monday we finished school work and drove to Carrillo National Monument / Park … Continue reading SoCal to NorCal

Half way point

We have now reached the half way point of our North America field trip. We are in the fair city of San Diego. And what do families do in this fair city? We are heading out to Sweetwater Summit for 2 nights and wanted to get the laundry out of the way. This also gives … Continue reading Half way point


We are North of Dallas today visiting a friend of Mariana and checking out a local park. Our tour seems to be hitting a lot of smaller town. I feel that we have been missing a lot of the big tourist attractions and major things that most people see. But we are also going to … Continue reading Texas