Grand McDougall Family Adventure

Back in 2008, Mariana and I drove around North America over a 2 month period.  The trip was fast and awesome and we got to see a lot of cool things.  I distinctly remember standing on a bridge in Chicago and recognizing the area from movies which just blew my mind.

10 Years later, Mariana and I are working on planning out our route for our next great adventure.

We plan to drive around North America in the opposite direction for 1 year.  We are taking a year to travel slower and hopefully show our kids that travelling and exploring can be fun.

Below is a picture of places that we would like to go.  The full map can be found here, Grand McDougall Family Adventure.  If you can recommend more places to see, please let me know by email or in the comment section below.


Our plan is to drive our 2000 Triple E Commander RV. IMG_6735

We had not planned on buying an RV this big but when the opportunity presented itself we took it.  We have taken it out for a week of travel and a camping trip but so far have not been out on a big trip.  This trip will be a giant learning curve for us.

The RV is still unnamed.  I have almost convinced the kids to call it the Fun, Adventure, Recreation & Travel mobile, F.A.R.T. mobile for short but Mariana is less than impressed.

My intention is to post on this blog once or twice a week to document the trip and keep all of our friends and family informed.  I have added an email follow button to the side and would be happy if you subscribed.

Unfortunately I will not be posting on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  I find those site way too distracting and would only pull me away from enjoying the trip and teaching the kids.


Take Care,


5 thoughts on “Grand McDougall Family Adventure

  1. I also felt like I was walking in a movie, back when I first moved to Chicago in 1997. For me, the experience was even more surreal, having just come from Brazil.

    I can’t wait to go on this trip with you guys and enjoy everything this type of travel has to offer.

    F.A.R.T is a little much. Maybe we should call it Captain Fantastic.

    I’m following your blog, but I don’t see a form to subscribe on the side. Either way, I’m getting all the updates via email.

    If people want to see frequent pictures of the trip, I’ll be posting to Instagram daily @DIGWriting.


    1. I think the email subscribe button disappears once you are following it. If only I knew someone at WordPress that could answer that.


  2. In the short road trip I had a number of years ago we started in Phoenix Arizona and visited the Desert Botanical Garden (amazing place with cacti larger than some trees and other unique life, though there is admission fee) and travelled to Sedona Arizona (again amazing moutainous and forested landscapes especially in the fall, though the RV may have trouble with narrow roads), before hitting the Cameron trading post, Grand Canyon (East side), Lowel Observatory (near Flagstaff), Hoover Dam and of course Vegas. I would recommend any of those areas if you have time and can take the RV through. Or I can share some of my photos 🙂

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  3. Why don’t you guys visit Point Pelee national park on the way back to Kingston. It is a very nice place and worth visiting, if you haven’t been there. I see you don’t have many stops between Illinois and London so why not. The nature is fantastic there.


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