Thursday August 30th is the day we depart.


The RV is loaded up.

The van is sold pending pick up.

Emergency health coverage is in place.

The RV has been inspected by a mechanic.

The house stuff is in storage and the house is now taken care of by the rental company.

10:20AM – we departed my parents house and proudly drove through a toilet paper banner to begin the trip.

1:00PM – Funny it took another 2.5 hours to get out of Kingston because we stopped at Canadian tire, sold the old van because there were too many safety issues to sell it, dropped off the plates at Service Ontario and fed the kids some food. Off to a fast start.

We also met Nana and Papa one more time to get a few items that had been forgotten.

2:00PM – We stopped in Brockville to meet Peter an old coworker and catch up with him. To combine the visit, we invited Rolf and Jacky over to Peters place. Rolf and Jacky are bicycle touring friends.

Yes, I asked Peter before I invited others to make sure he was ok with it. I am learning some social norms.


After chatting with Peter we went down to walk through to Railway Tunnel in Brockville. They have done a great job laying down a concrete walkway, LED up lighting and a good sound system. It is very cool to walk through the old tunnel.

After the tunnel, we put $234 worth of gas into the RV and then went out for a treat dinner atq Boston Pizza. The kids ate well but in hind site I think we could have picked something that would have been been more fun. Sitting still in a chair for dinner was a challenge for them.

We arrived in Cornwall at 9:00pm and quickly got the kids ready for bed. They were overly tired and silly.


Everyone’s life is going to keep going while we are on this trip. The same projects and tasks will be there. Life will go on without us in the picture.

I am not writing that to be depressing it is just a humbling thought. My world and my interactions with others is not the be all end all. I am just a small part of something very big. I am not as important as I think.

Friday we drove from Cornwall to Quebec City and stayed at a Walmart. The GPS decided it was fastest to go through Montreal which was fun. Fortunately we were driving through between noon and 2pm, so the long weekend rush hour had not hit.

Saturday we took the kids to Old Quebec City. It was 10km from the Walmart to the Old City so we drove. Thanks to missing a FPS direction, I was able to drive the RV through the Old City. Tight can bale stone streets and narrow turns. Yep, I can handle it all. We eventually found a parking spot but they wanted $50 for 6 hours. We left and found free parking at Victoria Park baseball stadium.

After parking we marched back into Quebec City. We stopped at the library and several parks but you would think I was taking the kids on a death march by the amount that one of them complained.

I flip the complaining on its head. Good. It is good that my kid is tired and complaining. That means I have taken her out of her comfort zone and we are getting tougher. We made it through and had fun at the museum.

The Museum of Civilization had some great displays. The London exhibit was good. The observation area and the native area were really enjoyable for the kids.

After a long day of walking we were face with another march back to the RV. Fortunately earlier in the day I found a free Toyota Carolla test drive. They had cameras set up in the cars to get video of people’s reaction and they were interested in my handsome face. We made a deal. Mariana and I would drive two separate cars back to the RV and they would get the video. Two sales people came along and got the faces they were looking for.

We got back to the RV, stopped at one of the free dumping stations and ware fill up and then returned to the Walmart. All in all, a good day.

Sunday September 2nd, 2018

We had a good morning and went to church. It started raining afterwardsso we decided to hit the road to Riviere du Loup. To my surprise we made it the whole way without a single stop. The day ended with a nice sunset on the shore of the St. Lawrence Seaway.

9 thoughts on “Departures

  1. I read the statement “I’m not as important as I think” and I could think is… you’re more important than you think.

    I’m blessed to have you in my life. You’re an amazing husband and father, and I’m so happy to be sharing this adventure with you.

    I laughed about he death march… and the Jocko reference.

    I’ve had an amazing start to our trip and I’m looking forward to tomorrow 🙂


  2. Thanks for the interesting updates. I am sure you will all be in better physical condition after walking for a year! Love Mom. Love the sunset!


  3. You’re out of the seaway now Dan, and into the gulf of St. Lawrence. Beautiful pics and great to see the kids exploring the shore. They’re in for lots of exciting surprises under every rock. Enjoy!!! Dad


  4. Hi Dan, Sorry I could not meet you on your last working day before your year long trip. I was in Toronto for yet another meeting. Have a great trip ahead….. I am following you closely. Take Care buddy.
    Have a nice trip …full of memories that will definitely last life time…
    I remember one quote ” Happiness is found along the way…not at the end of the road”


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