Gaspé Peninsula

I keep bouncing around ideas about what type of writing to use for this blog. Should I document everything for the trip? Should I try to use it for advertising and get discounts at spots? Should I focus on writing really popular content that will get lots of views? Should I inform readers about these different spots that we visit?

My thought is to write about the interesting experiences we have while we travel. The funny, annoying, tiring, infuriating experiences that make memories. I think that is what I will want to look back on and read

If you have an opinion on the issue, please email me at or comment on the bottom of this post.

What Day of the week is it? I am starting to forget.

Monday September 3, 2018

We took our time packing up and drove from Riviere du Loup to Matane. We left the camp ground at 1pm, filled up on gas and cleaned the windshield which took 20 minutes. Not 200 meters down the road, I had to stop because one of the kids had to pee. Apparently they did not think of it while we were stopped.

Driving along through Rimuski, I saw what looked to be a submarine in the distance. I was not going to miss the opportunity and I figured Giovanni would love to see it. We did the tour which included a handheld audio guide which was very well done. Giovanni and Maya wanted to go fast and didn’t want to listen to the whole think. I don’t think Giovanni liked the small space.

I downloaded an audible book called Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and we played it while we drove. Surprisingly the “I am bored” comments have really decreased.

Tuesday September 4, 2018

Drove from Matane to Riviere an renard ouest

Leaving Matane took a long time while we did groceries and got some Matane shrimp. We also got some mussels for Katia to try we kept them in the fridge and cooked them up for dinner. It turns out that Katia really likes mussels. And Matane shrimp are very tasty, thank you Claude for recommending it.

We stopped at a park and drove along some beautiful scenery and stopped at a nice park.

We also had a close call with the bike rack. Leaving the park, I did my vehicle walk around and noticed the bike rack was sitting out kinda far. I took a closer look and the bolt had come loose. I was able to remove it with my fingers. The rack was chained to the RV should if it had come off, it would have been dragged behind the RV for who knows how long.

I will be sure to check the bolt more often.

The day ended with may hills up and down. The grades vary between 10% and 15%. After two hours of it I was mentally done and we stopped. The RV holds up well but there are lots of steep hills with nasty turns at the bottom. A beer at the end of the day was very nice.

Wednesday September 5, 2018

Shorter drive from Riviere du Renard to Forillon National Park. First stop was the visitor centre which was closed. Then we drove along and stopped at a mile long beach with 6 people on it called Cap-Bon-Ami. It was rocky with giant cliffs to the south. One of those places that make you stop and take it in.

The kids had fun playing on the beach. Giovanni built a fire pit with rocks. Katia collected pretty rocks from the beach. Maya filled her rubber boots with salt water. The water was very calm but it was deceiving how higher the waves would roll in and one of them went over the top of her boots.

We stopped at Petite Gaspe campground and we have walked around and taking it in. The kids enjoyed there day and I made a point of getting dinner ready early. We cooked dinner over the fire. Cooking early made bed time earlier which the kids needed after being up late last night.

Thursday September 6, 2018

The morning began with breakfast and school work. Then we cleaned the RV and left the site around 11. Mariana washed the clothes while I took the kids on a short hike.

The hike started off with the kids complaining. We kept hiking and I offered chocolate chips along the way and a reward of a marshmallow at the top of they made it.

It was interesting that after pushing through the initial complaining, the kids had fun. They explored creeks and made up silly stories.

Pushing through the initial discomfort paid off. At the end we were rewarded with seeing two seals or otters playing in the water.

The kids are now all asleep and I will be soon too.

4 thoughts on “Gaspé Peninsula

  1. No idea what you should write about. I will offer this: There was a musician called Warren Zevon who used to be the backup for Paul Schaeffer on Letterman. He ended up with stage 4 lung cancer and did not have long to live at the time Letterman interviewed him to say goodbye. Letterman asked him (more or less) “What have you learned?”. Warren said “Enjoy every sandwich.” I think you should enjoy every sandwich with your beautiful wife and family, and not just on this trip.


  2. Enjoyed your posts and looking forward to sharing your grand adventure even if it’s from the comfort of an easy chair. You have the energy, the sense of discovery and a willing, though not always, crew to follow you. Getting a renewed appreciation for the beautiful scenery and wonderful people you meet when travelling this great country. Keep in touch, travel safely and enjoy yourselves. Dad


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