Gaspé and Perce Quebec

I wonder if I am going to lose me awe at all of the beautiful scenery. After a couple of months, will it be just another day. Will it become routine? That is a thought that was bouncing around my head today.

Friday September 7, 2018

We returned to Gaspe and toured through the cultural display for the Birthplace of Canada.

Then we made the hour long drive to Perce. The hills were wicked and we had to avoid a some type of endurance race. But we made it safe and sound. The rock was very cool to see and we got there right near low tide. The kids played LEGO in the RV while I hiked out to the rock. It was very cool to put my had on it and see the quartz deposits in it. As well, several animals had there homes on the rock face. I stayed for a short time then went back. I was nervous about the tide coming in.

The Rock

looking back to shore

Afterwards we went to a near by campground called cap de surprise.

Saturday September 8, 2018

Woke up to a cool morning. We ate and packed up slowly. I loaded the Katia onto the tandem bike and put Giovanni and Maya in the chariot to go back into town. Perce recently upgraded their waterfront park and it looks great.

With three little kids this trip is turning into a tour of parks.

After lunch we left the campground and drove to Canpbellton New Brunswick. Here are some more parks we found along the way.

Our last section of the drive and I realized the we had not had any poutine in Quebec. This is the official meal of the province. Happily we found a small family canteen that served a great meal. I was really happy we got to stop here.

Sunday September 9, 2018

We got up in a Walmart parking lot and went off to church. St. Thomas Aquinas was a nice service with a very friendly community.

Afterwards we visited another park.

Note, Smearer Septic who provides the port a potty gas a great name.

From there we drove to Miramichi which had yes another park, Richie Wharf. It was very nice but I don’t have any photos of it.

I also completed two u turns with an RV on two lane highways with posted speed limits of 100 km/h but there is no evidence to prove that.

Monday September 10, 2018

We left the Enclosure campground at noon and went to see Wilson’s Point Historical Site where I have begun to learn about. La Grand Dérangement

And Estimated 10,000 Acadians we’re deported from their lands in Nova Scotia and only 1,800 survived the deportation. We saw a small island where many had to spend the winter and a large number of them died due to famine and exposure.

Our day ended a couple hours later a Kouchibouguac National park

I took the kids swimming in the cold ocean.

There is debate in the RV whether you call it swimming in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence or swimming in the ocean. Please comment your opinion.

5 thoughts on “Gaspé and Perce Quebec

  1. Love all your pictures and comments. I am at your Mom’s this morning and she is great. So I don’t bug yourMom. Please sign me up on your list. Give all the kids a big hug from Tracey and I.


    1. Love the pictures! You could be a consultant for playground equipment when you get back.

      You will know what is best for sure! Love Mom


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