New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Tuesday September 11, 2018, we drove from Kouchibouguac National park to Amherst Nova Scotia

Wednesday we drove from Amherst to Sydney to catch the ferry.

Thursday we arrived for the ferry on time and had a smooth ride across the gulf of St. Lawrence to Newfoundland.

We stayed the night at Cheeeman Provincial Park

Friday, We drove from Cheeseman provincial park to Cornerbrook to get some laundry done. The city was built into the hills and every street either goes up or down at a wicked angle. It must be brutal in the winter with all the snow they get.

Afterwards we left and saw a laundromat at the side of the highway just outside of town. That is the way things go sometimes.

We spent the night in Deer Lake and the next morning I saw two moose (Moosens, spelling?) while I was out for my walk.

We continued on to Gros Morne Park and were blown away by the mountains and the water.

The night was spent sheltered from the rain at Green Point campground.

Saturday September 15, 2018, After a slow morning we got out for a hike along the coastal trail. I had walked it the night before and really enjoyed it. It is interesting to see how tightly the trees grow along the shore and how tightly the branches grow. Once you are in a path through the trees, very little light and noise gets through. I told the kids it looked like something out of little riding hood.

The afternoon was spent driving north towards L’Anse Aux Meadows which is very the first European Vikings were found to have arrived on the shores of North America.

After we got some groceries we head back South to warmer climates.

We spent another day in Gros Morne but could have spent many more.

Wednesday September 19th, we visited Lobster Cove, Tablelands and dove back to Deer Lake.

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