Back on the Mainland

After the northern peninsula of Newfoundland and Gros Morne, we travelled across to Lewisporte to see extended family we had not seen since our last visit in 2008.

We got to stay in a house next door that her brother owns and rents out as an air bnb. Fortunately no one was there so we could have it. Two days in a house were a nice break.

After Lewisporte we headed back to the Ferry. We missed the last Argentia ferry and had to cut Newfoundland short and go back to Port Aux Basques.

The trip went well and the weather was good. The day of the crossing was awesome again.

After we got into North Sydney we stayed overnight in a Walmart then went to visit my Dads cousin Greg MacDougall. Their hospitality was wonderful and we got to FaceTime my dad with his Cousins.

You ever get into a book and just don’t want to do anything else except read. I have run into that now with a book called Conspiracy by Ryan Holiday. In the intro he explains how the real life case ends but it is so interesting to read what happened between 2008 and 2016 with regard to Gawker media. I am having a hard time writing because I am focused on reading.

Here I will try to get back into it.

Tonight we are back in Truro at the Walmart. The good news is that we took the kids to an awesome pool across the street. It cost $12 for the family and the facility is awesome.

We swam for almost 2 hours and now the kids have collapsed.

Saturday Sept 29th we drove from Truro to Halifax. Herring Cove to be exact. Driving into the big city made me realize how much I prefer to quiet small towns and smaller roads.

Katia got to see her friend Honey and we got to talk with her parents Carrol and Chris. They live in a lovely house looking over a cove. We got to fish in the ocean for Herring but only managed to catch one. We turned the one herring into dinner and had a good conversation.

Thoughts after a month on the road:

-travelling is fun but difficult

-teaching is challenging in a variety of ways.

-big cities are nice but I prefer small towns

-a plumbed porcelain toilet to poop in is nice. It is even better if it has wifi.

-I am out of the loop on News, sports and entertainment and I feel like that is ok. I haven’t missed much so far.

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