Today we travelled from Truro through a small part of New Brunswick, across the confederation bridge and up the north cape.

The kids are sleeping well after swimming this morning and running through farmers fields.

We also had our first big RV problem, the door to the shower fell off. It is a big wood door. But the glue have out and the door came off.

PEI day two included going up to the North West Cape and checking out the potato museum.

Along the way we found a fish market and purchased some Lobster.

Lobster is awesome. Lobster is great. Lobster is a delicacy.

Well, we have learned that it is not so in our household.

It is ok but we just could not enjoy it.

Wednesdays October 3, 2018

The days are blurring together. This morning was a rainy morning spent tidying the RV and doing school work. After school we drove to Green Gables to show the kids around. We purchased a copy of Anne of Green Gables and will read it after we finish Charlottes Web.

7 thoughts on “PEI

  1. Been to several of these places but, Oh to see it all through the eyes of the little ones. How fortunate and rest assured they’ll remember it all for a long time to come. Hope you got your door fixed. Happy travels! Dad


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