PEI, We Are Still Here

Thursday we drove to Charlottetown and visited a library, a couple of book stores and of course a park.

Afterwards we went to Orwell Historic Village and wandered around for a couple of hours. Since it was off season the re-enactors had lots of time to talk with the kids. The blacksmith even gave the kids a nice hook to keep.

The kids favourite part was feeding the goats.

We spent the night parked in a parking lot and then went to Basin Head Beach which has awesome white sand. There is a lot of silicon and the sand blows easily so they call it the singing sands.

Well, I think the sands are more brownish but that is just my opinion. We had a great time walking along the beach and in the cold clear water.

We drove back to Charlottetown and drove through a hamlet called Five Houses. There are actually 6, I counted.

We ended up going back to Charlottetown and staying at the nearby KOA for 2 days. The kids got to play with other kids and we got to clean the RV.

Sunday was thanksgiving and we worked on planning our dinner. I was concerned about how I would cook a turkey in the stove in the RV.

At church we sat next to a nice lady who invited us over for dinner. We gladly accepted. There is a lot to be said about East Coast Hospitality.

We were asked to arrive at 5pm which meant we had 5 hours to kill. So we did what they do in PEI when they are bored, we went and picked potatoes.

The warehouse had approximately 3 million pounds of potatoes.

We arrived for dinner at 5pm and had a lovely meal with Basil and Cathy. Basil used to be a professor for teachers and Cathy used to teach the resources class. It was a wonderful night of conversation and we finally went to bed at 11pm.

Final thoughts before we leave PEI. The countryside in PEI is very lush and is what I imagine New Zealand is like. Not the mountains but the green fields and fertile ground everywhere you look. And as an island, you are never more than 30 minutes from the ocean.

We also drove past a village called New Zealand which may be why I was thinking of it.

4 thoughts on “PEI, We Are Still Here

  1. Great up-date on your adventure and opens eyes to the wonderful country we call home. A pleasure meeting Basil and Cathy by Facebook last evening and would love to meet them in person especially if we get back to PEI soon. Safe travels and keep exploring. Love all your blogs. Dad


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