1,000 km Detour

After a long day at Six Flags Great Adventure, we packed up the kids and left the park. The furnace was running to keep the RV warm, the buses beside us were running there engines and there was something in the air that set off our propane leak detector.

Propane leaks in an RV are quite dangerous so we took it seriously. After shutting off the engine, turning off the propane valve and opening the windows, the alarm shut off. We played it safe that night and stayed at a hotel. I called mechanics in the morning and they wanted us to leave it for a week. That would not work for us.

I decided to put in motion a little plan I had been working on. Going down East and then following the coast down to New York, meant that after 2 months of travelling, we were not within 600km of Kingston. This is the closest we would be for several months and we decided we would take a break from the trip and visit family back in Canada.

I called Terry at 1st Choice Mobile RV Mechanic and he said he was available on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon to look at it in Kingston. Then I called my parents and asked if we could park the RV there. They said we were welcome and my mom said she would get bed ready. They were driving back home from Toronto that day. Later on Mariana asked me how the call went and I think the best term is disbelief. From being gone for a year to saying we will be there that night must have come as quite a shock.

Then we took the kids aside in the hotel room and asked if they wanted to detour back to Canada to see family. They were very happy and we managed to do the full trip in one day.

We arrived in Kingston at 9:45PM to Nana and Papas delight.

Tuesday, Terry came by the house and checked the propane system. It held pressure for at least 10 minutes and the leak detector was functioning correctly. So it was a false alarm but it did get us back to Canada in a day.

Wednesday night I got together with Ian and Jeremy for some boys time. Some of the discussions could be described asA Little Too Inappropriate so we will leave those out.

I used my time over the rest of the week to purge the storage in the bottom of the RV and get rid of at least half of the stuff. We can now store everything under the RV.

On Friday we left to go to Oshawa and visited Jenn, Collin, Taylor, Abby and Uncle Dave. The kids had fun seeing their cousins.

Saturday we left Oshawa and drove to London to see more family. We stayed with each set of parents and visited all of the cousins. An extra bonus was Halloween Trick of Treating with cousins Laura, Adam and Lucy.

On November 1st we left London and drove to Fonthill to visit my friend Paul. It turns out Ian and Mike were driving up the next day to visit so we stayed from Thursday till Saturday. I had another fun night out with the guys which should carry me over until we get back to Ontario.

Crossing back in the US was much easier this time and we are now back on the trip. Overall the detour was a lot of fun and we are glad we did it.

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