Almost in New Orleans

We are spending our second night at a Walmart in Slidell LA. This Walmart is in a good area and has a nice level parking lot. Clouds poured rain on this city for most of the day which kept us inside. The afternoon was spent at a library and I did laundry. With all the rain coming down, we didn’t want to struggle walking around New Orleans. Our plan is to go to church and drive in tomorrow after mass.

The morning was repairs to the RV. The utensils drawer had fallen out a couple of days ago. I kept putting it off thinking the repair would be tougher. It was actually a 2 minute fix. I bent the piece of metal back into place and put the screw back into the wood. It was solved really quickly.

The other problem nagging at me will take some more thought. The engine starting battery is dead quite often. I ended up taking it out and going into walmart to get it checked. Their tester said the voltage was low but it was still a good battery. We have a cigarette lighter adapter to power the computer and other electronics which I think sucks up a lot of power. I now need to figure out how to power that off the deep cycle batteries for the house power which I can monitor more often and have more capacity.

Two days ago we were in Daphne Alabama at a walmart and library. The kids area of the walmart was very nice. It is a small town outside of Mobile Alabama but it was very welcoming.

The day before that we were in Pensacola Florida which was cool. We checked out Fort Pickens which is a National Park. The fort played a key role in the Civil war.

Then we spent a day at the Navy Aviation Museum which was really cool. They had a lot of cool planes that the kids could sit in. Sadly I am too tall to sit in a Cobra Attack Helicopter.

After the museum we stopped at a park for the kids to run around. After driving for 15 minutes, I saw a sign for Kids Park and pulled in. The kids had a blast running around through this playground. It was great to tire them out.

Before Pensacola we stayed in Vortex Springs campground. The spring water is 68F all year and crystal clear. In addition, the spring has an awesome cave that draws in a lot of divers. Being off season, the camp was quiet. The kids got to wander around and didn’t do any swimming because it was too cold. They did spend several hours working on draining a puddle which was fun to watch and help out with. I really enjoy figuring out how to build creeks and drainage channels.

Grant also had a bunch of extra MRE’s from FEMA. They were left over from the hurricane to Panama City. The MREs are nice but your farts really stink the next day. We also had no idea how MREs worked. There was a bag containing matches and a white thing wrapped in brown paper with the words lighthouse on it. I assumed this was a solid fuel for a fire starter. I pulled a bunch together and lit them with a match. It turns out they do burn but they were actually napkins.

Swimming in the diving portion of Crystal Spring cost another $12 so we did not do it. But on the second night after doing my burpees and not seeing anyone around, I decided to take a dip to cool off. I walked down to the dock and stood staring up at the stars for 10 minutes waiting to build up the courage. Certain no one was watching the spring, I made my plan. I took off my shirt. I left on my gym shorts in case someone did catch me. Then I walked down the steps and swam for all of 10 seconds then got out. I walked to the showers and that was it. Why was I so nervous about it? Why did my brain run through 20 different scenarios? It was no big deal. No one cared except the voice in my own head.

Before Vortex Springs, we went to Wakulla Springs which we had been to 10 years ago. It is also where they filmed scenes from “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”. We got to see a manatee and I jumped off the 18 foot tower just like I did 10 years ago. Only this time it was much colder and we were the only people there. Well, us and a tour boat. The tourist on the tour boat cheered me on which was cool.

Final note, after Wakulla Springs, we did laundry and I decided to cut my hair. I had purchased a trimmer and put the #4 attachment on it. I trimmed all my hair down myself. This cut in much lighter and easier to take care of.

Caio for now.


3 thoughts on “Almost in New Orleans

  1. Dan, your hair looks great with the #4. All of your photos are amazing. I am really enjoying your blog. Thanks for sharing your trip! Hi to everyone.๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„


  2. What a good summary of the travel. Pictures are awesome and the fort must have been great for the kids. Hope no rain today. Take care, big hug, Mom


  3. You have the right idea Dan. Avoid the bigger centres, lots of playground time for the kids and adventures that happen naturally like clearing water puddles after the rain. Theyโ€™ll remember these times far more than Disneyland where the imagining is all done for them. Sounds like โ€œDaddyโ€ is enjoying being a kid again too. Nothing wrong with that. Enjoy! Dad


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