Back into the writing

We are now in Kingman Arizona after two long days of driving. We drove from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon yesterday and from the Grand Canyon to Kingman today.

We only stayed at the Canyon for 1 day because it was cold and snow and rain were coming in the next day. The RV does not have snow tires so we are playing it safe.

The kids really did enjoy getting to play in the snow even if they did not have winter boots. The snow boots worked well for them.

I have been behind on writing for a while because of a very dumb reason, it was too much work to upload photos to some stuff I had written. I kept putting it off and days turned to weeks and weeks into almost 2 months.

I will try to do better and get you all caught up.

We made it back to White Tanks park and I got out on a hike. Last time we were there was 2008 on our big road trip. The park is still pretty and there are lots of hiking trails to explore.

I also managed to leave my wallet on the ground there. A gentleman was nice enough to pick it up and leave it with park staff with all the money in it which was nice and very lucky. We picked the wallet up on Monday before leaving Phoenix which added an extra 2 hrs to our trip.

Phoenix is a pretty cool place with lots of nice hiking trails.

At Deem Hills, I took Giovanni and Maya for a walk around a mountain but had to turn back half way through because we were short on water and food. All in all they did a good job survive a 3 hr, 7.4km hike.

I am going to head to bed now. Here’s to trying to catch up on keeping everyone up to date.

4 thoughts on “Back into the writing

  1. Oh Dan, thanks for the update and pictures. I hope the children are absorbing all the wonderful opportunities you are giving them. I would love to be able to do a trip like this. Enjoy , have fun, next year..back to work love Mom


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