Rest day outside Joshua Tree National Park

Today we are having a quiet day at Joshua Tree National Park. We are parked on Bureau of Land Management land and staying for free. The downside is there is not much for the kids to do. I decided to take them out to dig holes. What else are you going to do in the desert.

Wednesday was a housekeeping day, emptying the tanks and filling up on water and getting groceries.

Tuesday was a fired up day. In the morning I went to Desert CrossFit and had a great workout and met some really nice people. If you look closely you can see it off in the distance because I was too shy to take a photo inside the gym.

We finished the day going to a park, eating pizza and doing laundry.

Monday we travelled to Palm Springs. I have heard about the area before but it was OK. South of the visitor centre is a wide open field that is uneven with lots of rocks. Not many people walk through there because it is so rough and slopes upward to the mountains. After wandering around I came across several piles of discarded clothes and luggage.

I figure the local drug addicts steal what they can and bring it to the fields sort and decide what they can sell. I decided to be cautious and headed back to the RV.

Sunday we went to a local church and visited a library to burn off some energy.

Saturday night we stayed at Bonita Ranch campground in San Bernardino national forest. The mountains were nice and I took the kids hiking along a stream.

Friday was driving through Mojave National Preserve. There were some cool rock formations there but also a whole lot of open area.

So far Southern California has been nice. I look forward to seeing the Pacific Ocean. I am also surprised how many places do not accept credit cards.

5 thoughts on “Rest day outside Joshua Tree National Park

      1. So nice to see all the pictures and the kids hamming it up for the photographer. We do miss you all, but enjoy you sharing this experience with us up in the North Country. Lots of memories to share when you get back. Lots of love and Hugs, Mom and Dad


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